Penguin Identity Crisis

This is my most recent amigurumi project… took me forever to put all his parts together!!!

I got the pattern from

These photos show him in all his separate pieces. I took these pieces everywhere to get them crocheted, my bed, in front of the tv and even at the local park with my dog. He stayed like this (in pieces) for so many months because I didn’t understand the instructions for fixing his front and back together (in these photos it’s already together). I think this was mainly because I kept getting distracted when I was crocheting and so I didn’t get the exact number of stitches per round.  So he is a little off centre in some places and when I went to sew him together the pieces didn’t line up completely….



Eventually I ended up just stitching it any old way and when you look closely you can tell, hahaha.
It took me a couple of hours to stitch his head, his wings, his feet and his tail onto the main body. He has little plastic beads in his butt to make him a little heavy and also so he sits up straight, the rest of him is stuffed with polyfill so his is soft and cuddly.

This is the finished product:)


Pretty happy with what he ended up looking like:)

Playing in the snow hahaha



Not sure yet who he will be going to, so he doesn’t have a name yet…..